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Retiring in Guatemala

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Retirement in Guatemala

lake AtitlanGuatemala is located in Central America, Just below Mexico. It has borders with El Salvador and Honduras to the east and with Mexico to the north and west. The Belize border is on the northeast. The Pacific Ocean is located in the south.

Guatemala and especially Lake Atitlan has very good weather all year round, which is why it is often called "The Land of Eternal Spring". Two seasons, namely, the dry season (from mid November thru April) and the wet season (from May to mid October) can be distinguished. Highland Guatemala is blessed with one of the world's best climates. At Lake Atitlan which is about 1,600 (almost 5000 feet) meters above sea level, the air is almost always fresh and the nights refreshingly cool. Days are warm and sunny and humidity is not a problem. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is eternal spring at its best!

There are many activities available at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. One may explore hiking to the volcanoes and surrounding areas, do yoga and meditation retreats, or simply enjoy the tranquility and beauty and people of Lake Atitlan. With a selection of doctors, and foreign professionals in the area you should not miss much. lake Atitlan

The cost of living in Guatemala is a fraction of what it costs in North America or Europe. Retiring in Guatemala is at least a third less expensive than even Mexico. You could easily afford a maid, gardener and caretaker, if desired, at a very low monthly cost. If you own your own house you can live comfortably with less then $1000 per month for a couple. As distances are small you may not need a car, which, as you know, is already making life more and more expensive in western countries. Air-conditioning and heating are almost never used and would rarely be necessary in this climate unless you have specific health needs.. Plus, due to the relaxed and informal lifestyle combined with the perfect climate your costs of clothing are very low! Water costs in Panajachel are only 3 Q (less than 50 cents) a month!!!!!!! Property taxes are between $5 to $100 a month, and the last number refers to a VERY luxurious lake front house.

TERRA-X can offer you all kind of insurances including international health insurances that include emergencies to the best Guatemalan or foreign hospitals, at a fraction of western costs.

Lake AtitlanMajor cities, roads, etc. From lake Atitlan you have a 2 hour drive to Guatemala City which is the capital of Guatemala. You can also drive to Quetzaltenlango, which is the second larges city located in the highlands and it is in the same direction as the Mexican border. Roads are usually in a good shape. From the airport in Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan you can also fly by helicopter...and this can be an unforgettable experience!!. For only $685 US, including tax, you can over fly over the beautiful Guatemalan highlands and volcanoes and reach Lake Atitlan in only 20 minutes. This can by helpful too in case of a serious medical emergency.

In Guatemala City you can buy just about everything and anything you need. All the embassies as well as the best hospitals and doctors are in Guatemala City.

Can I own property in Guatemala? The answer to this is yes. The Guatemalan constitutions invites foreign investment and you can buy and own properties legally and without a Guatemalan partner.. just with you foreign passport. Terra X Real Estate - Atitlan Investments S.A. can provide you with all information pertaining to this important matter.

What about economical and political changes in the world? Well, You can observe what is going on from your relaxed retirement in Guatemala but it won't cause you too much preoccupation. Newspapers, cable or direct TV, a large cellular telephone system and last but least the internet (dial-up and high-speed) keep you in touch with reality and your loved ones.

lake AtitlanOutside the main stream???...Guatemala is for individuals, couples of any age...and in the Guatemala highlands you are going to enjoy not only a relaxed and inexpensive retirement, you are going to live with the beautiful Mayans who are friendly people and welcome you to their country. Their interesting culture and living amongst them in Guatemala is already a bigger attraction compared with other retirement countries such as Costa Rica.

Is this beautiful country for everyone?.....It still is a third world country and has contradictions, and is different to North America and Europe. The mayan people must surely be the most pleasant, genuine and humble! You may be pleasantly surprised. We can help you by arranging your transport from the airport and getting you a nice place to stay. If you don't speak Spanish.....not a problem; you are not the only one and this language is not too difficult to learn. There are also excellent Spanish schools and private teachers to accelerate your learning for little money. If you need any help with this or anything else...simply contact us and we will help you in any way we canLake Atitlan

Have a look at these "almost" finished luxury apartments. With only six units in total and in a secure and quiet area, this may just be the lifestyle you are looking for. Luxury villa apartments

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